The best Forêt Noire in town

Please be comfortably seated for this sweet experience I am about to share with you. You may experience it on spot, at the pastry shop or at home.
If you have decided for the take-away option, carefully unpack the box and admire its perfect roundness, smell the chocolate small chips and let it rest on your plate like a queen on her throne. Use a spoon to delicately dip into its heart and close your eyes. From the first bite, fly away with a melting-pot of sensations: light and airy cream, crunchy pieces of chocolate, barely sweet sponge cake, it’s chewy… “Heaven, I am in heaven”.
This unique recipe is inimitable: may I introduce you to the Castricher forêt noire which recently concluded a partnership with the Stettler chocolate factory. Both Swiss institutions – Castricher and Stettler – have “melted” in 2014 appointing the chocolate poet Philippe Pascoët as their general manager.

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