Paradiso, paradise can be as easy as that!
This new coffee bar opened a couple of months ago next to the Ethnographic Museum on the street of Bains. The entrance is not very visible from the street; there’s only a sign which mentions: “open 7 days a week, might make you stop by”. 7 days a week in Geneva? Which means it’s open on Sundays too? Interesting I thought to myself, I have to give it a try.
And that’s how I ended near Plainpalais.
The front window is understated, painted in black and grey. There is a white wooden bench right in front of it which I thought was pretty original. It actually reminded me of the benches you find in front of the restaurants in Japan where people queue to grab a bite.

So how does Paradiso look like from the inside? The place is like a long and big hallway with very high ceilings. A magnificent marble bar stands in the middle of the room. A couple of high stools are facing a long wooden counter which is attached to the wall. A few coffee tables are also available next to the bar while the floor is made out of tiles. A couple of stairs will lead you to the second room which really looks like a proper dining place where you can sit comfortably and take your time to eat. You are surrounded by neutral colours such as grey, white and black; and nature lovers will appreciate the plants placed here and there.

Paradiso par Le Petit Chou
The Paradiso opens in the morning so you can enjoy an Italian coffee with a tasty viennoiserie (a croissant or a cinnamon roll); unless you prefer a balanced breakfast with home-made Granola and an organic yogurt.
At lunch time, you may choose between a panini (which costs between 11.- and 12.-) such as the “Panino Mortadella” or the “Panino Bresaola” or a salad (which costs 14.-) such as the “Fattoush” (kale, cucumber, cauliflower, shallot, pita crust and dried cranberries) or the “Fall Cesar” (lettuce, sweet pumpkin, parmesan, sunflower seed, marinated red onions, crust and thym).
A choice of toast is also available: the “holy toast” is made of spelt wheat bread, egg and gomashio or the “avocado toast” with bread, avocado, lemon juice and chili.
And on Sunday you may ask? Well, on Sunday, the same menu is available so you can make your own tasty brunch.

Paradiso par Le Petit Chou

When I had lunch at Paradiso, I sat at the counter and went for a Paradiso salad (Israeli couscous, feta, roasted cherry tomato, linseed, roasted almonds, red onions and fresh herbs). It was the first time that I had tasted Israeli couscous and it was delicious! The grains are bigger, smoother and rounder. I very much enjoyed this salad which doesn’t taste at all like an ordinary one. And I promised myself that next time, I will taste the paninis which were eyeing me up. I also intend to have a coffee, grab a table and sit comfortably to write my articles.

To cut the story short, the Paradiso is a small coffee place which makes you feel very good and could become a must-go place. I truly believe that it is important to find places where you feel good… so good that you could spend hours inside. And isn’t that the definition of paradise?

Photographies © Le Petit Chou
Rue des Bains 21, 1205 Geneva
Mon to Fri 8am-5pm; Sat & Sun 9am-5pm 
Budget: $