Let’s go back to the district of Eaux-Vives to discover a new foodie healthy trend called the Poke bowl. It is a traditional dish from Hawaii pronounced “Pokaï”, invented by fishermen. Hawaiian fishermen used to sell their fish in the form of a cube, highly seasoned. Indeed, “poke” means “dice” in Hawaiian and this traditional dish was also used as a snack at sea. Little by little, the locals were inspired by the recipe, that spread the trend throughout the world to become the most popular healthy dish on social networks.
This exotic dish is served at Elua since a month and is a huge success. Customers jostle to enjoy this poke bowl on the spot or take away.
The place offers different kinds of bowls such as the Kailua with yellowfin tuna, wholegrain rice, ginger gari, black radish, gomashio and teriyaki sauce. You may enjoy like I did the Lanikai with salmon, white rice, avocado, fennel, daikon pickles, radish, duck, sesame, yuzu ponzu sauce . I loved how generous the visual was, the flavours and the different textures. Each ingredient brought a little twist that I savoured until the last grain of rice.
Some bowls are much more original such as the Kaponhaku with octopus; the Wailea with sea bream and citrus or the Po’ipu with zucchini and tofu spaghetti. If you can’t find what you like, you can “design” your own bowl according to your taste. All products are fresh and each ingredient is prepared with a particular seed. As for the fish, it comes exclusively from sustainable and responsible fishing.

If it’s a beautifully “instagramable” dish, it’s also delicious, a perfect combo for foodies.

Photography © Le Petit Chou
Rue des Eaux-Vives 8, 1207 Geneva
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By MBG — 22 Jun '18

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