Made in Antigel 2018

Made in Antigel 2018

The “Made in Antigel” projects are part of the Antigel Festival’s DNA. They are usually highly creative, original and will allow you to discover unknown places in Geneva.
In 2018, 4 projects will see the light, events that I highly recommend you to go and see:

Discover the enchanting world of the Botanical garden through fairy tales and flowery choreographies. It’s time to go green!

Les foudres du Salève
Did you know that our city’s foundation was built from the calcareous rocks of the Salève? Its stone-pit measures 57 hectares and will cease its activity in 2033. An explosive performance is scheduled on Saturday, February 10th where the mountain will whisper words of wisdom.

Archi trip
Meet us at the school of En-Sauvy, designed by the architect Paul Waltenspühl. A dance and light show will reveal its beauty.

Duels au fort l’Ecluse
Fort l’Ecluse is a natural entrance into France from Switzerland. A strategic point during times of war.
During the Roman period, Caesar built a tower that the Helveti were able to invade. In 1184, a church was built before Louis XVI ordered his engineers to build a military castle. Today, the Antigel festival will take place at the Fort l’Ecluse for the very first time.  An artistic duel is planned for Saturday, February 17th. History never ends…