Inda Bar

Inda Bar

The famous rue Henri-Blanvalet has a new spot called the Inda Bar. I waited patiently to receive some positive echoes before visiting it. I finally decided to have a look during my lunch time.
The Inda Bar offers a lunch menu that costs 29chf with a starter and a main course or 36chf with dessert. I was a bit puzzled with the prices. Not that the quality was missing, but a place calls itself a “bar”, I am not used to paying such high prices. But at the end of the meal, I was forced to admit that the prices were aligned with the quality of the food. I was conquered from the beginning until the end. The food is excellent! The products are fresh and the presentation is neat. The food is worth the best Indian restaurant I had the chance to try while it also incorporates a modern touch.
During my lunch, I started off with a quinoa salad of crunchy vegetables with cumin. I chose the marinated conger filer with spices, muslin of patata carrot, cumin with a coconut milk sauce, ginger and saffron as a main course. I ended the meal with a strawberry salad with basil syrup and fresh mint. Since I wasn’t alone, we also ordered a plain naan and a mozzarella and spicy gruyere naan. I was completely seduced! The cheese naan was to die for. But no surprise there: the Inda Bar chef is Kuldeep Rawat, former chef of the Rasoï restaurant of the Geneva Mandarin Oriental hotel.
In the evening, the Inda Bar becomes a trendy tapas place on this busy street. To satisfy small hungers, the bar offers tapas for everyone to share. But don’t expect the classic ones which we’re all used to in Geneva such as a selection of dry meat or cheese or guacamole. The tapas here have the flavour of India: avocado tartar, crab and lime; a roll of spiced lamb; gambas, confit tomato and basil just to name a few.
And what if you were a vegetarian? No problem at all, choose the samosas of picked vegetables, chickpea and curry or the roll of vegetables and mustard dip or even the paneer roast with tandoori, salad and fresh mint.

All these delicious tapas are served with homemade cocktails in a contemporary setting filled with blue, white and yellow colours. I bet you’ll go there more than once.

Photography © Le Petit Chou
Rue Henri-Blanvalet 23, 1207 Geneva
Tue to Sat 12pm-1am
Budget: $$

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