Float down the River Rhone

What better to do on hot days in Geneva? We recommend a float down the River Rhone.
Every summer, our group of friends come together and floats down the river with our inflatable boats, beer coolers, music and sunnies. Tons of people do it too and some have even managed to creatively build a floating pad with a barbecue!

The point of departure starts in Jonction, opposite the Ethno bar. Once you are fully inflated and pushed-off, things to look out for would be the merging of the Rhone River and the Arve River. These are two different rivers where one comes from the French Alps and the other from the Geneva Lake. Here you will notice different colours where one contains colder water and higher sediment, which creates a colourful effect. After 10 minutes of floating, you begin to notice thick luscious forest with vibrant green colours and small beaches dotted on the side of the river. When you get at this point, you get the feeling that you are nowhere near Geneva or civilisation. A strong feeling of tranquility and serenity follows you down the river. This is a great way enjoy summer, relax and spend quality time with your friends.
We usually go for the 1-hour and a half long float, enjoying the scenery and discovering small beaches. We always disembark at Vernier-Parfumerie, just before the last motorway bridge. From there we walk 5 minutes to the bus stop and head off on our next adventure.

Inflatable boats can be bought at inter-discount, 70.- per boat that is capable of taking 2 people and a cooler. If you have not yet experienced this, I strongly recommend you do to discover another side of Geneva.

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