After many attempts, I finally managed to book a table at Marcel, this new joint located in the district of Eaux-Vives. And I did wonder: why all this craze? What’s so special about this place where people of Geneva rush to? That’s what I went to discover on a cold and rainy Sunday in November for a brunch with friends.

When you go to Marcel, it’s a bit like being in Paris. The place is very trendy, with high ceilings, blue-grey walls, a long bar, a vintage wooden floor, a glass kitchen, some hanging lamps, slates on the walls, etc. A typical boho Parisian atmosphere. I sat opposite the bar and started examining the menu. The choice is Big: homemade granola (fresh fruits and yogurt, 13chf), Avocado (poached eggs on a muffin, avocado and Dutch sauce, 19chf), Cinnamon Roll (7chf), Benedict (poached eggs on a muffin, bacon and hollandaise sauce, 17chf), pancakes (13 chf), Waffles (strawberries and whipped cream, 15chf), salads, as well as sandwiches. As for drinks, Marcel serves coffee, lattes, fresh juices, smoothies, matcha latte, wine, cocktails, in short, enough to please everyone! My friends and I decided to order four Avocados, one dish of “pancakes” and one dish of “waffles”, two smoothies (pineapple, spinach, coconut) and two grapefruit juices. Our table is filled with food and the presentation is impeccable. We started our brunch, chatted, told each other the story of our lives, our latest adventures and a bit of gossip. I did feel as if I were in the series “Sex and the city”,…. maybe it’s the same place? Who knows! The food is really good, the poached eggs are dripping on the plate and the avocado muffin mix is exquisite. The waffles and pancakes are not so bad either. The atmosphere is friendly and dynamic. The waiters keep running everywhere to serve their customers who all seem to be enjoying the moment. As soon as one table is available, newcomers settle in. 

Wonder what are the keys of this success? A boho decor, quality products, a menu with a wide choice of food and a cool atmosphere. So far, there was no such brunch event in Geneva, I guess it was time to fix that.
And what does Marcel do the rest of the week? The place is open non-stop, meaning that you can come here for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, brunch or even a take-away.

Photography © Le Petit Chou
Rue des Eaux-Vives 31, 1207 Geneva
Mon to Fri 19am-11pm; Sat & Sun 10am-7pm (brunch)
Budget: $$

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