No’Photo: the very first night of photography in Geneva will take place on October 14th, from 5pm to 2am. A unique opportunity to wander the streets of Geneva and its cultural places, holding… a camera in your hand of course.
You may ask what is a night of photography?
Sami Kanaan mentions that photography is in between a documentary and a work of art. It has become a powerful tool to convey an idea, a thought… and the night of photography pays a tribute to this powerful tool through exhibitions, workshops, photo studios, etc.
Join me at 5pm at the Alhambra for the opening ceremony. Forty screenings will be dispatched in the district of Plainpalais and you can attend all of them for free. You may also have your portrait taken in a fancy studio or attend a few workshops. 2 Big exhibitions are scheduled: Genève, ma gueule by Niels Ackermann (Musée Rath) and Elisa Larvego and her photographic survey on sports practices (parc des Bastions).
3 movies will be shown at the Grütli cinemas.
I personally look forward to discovering the work of Mark Henley and his series Asylum, a commissioned work by the general Hospice to document the daily life of asylum seekers in Geneva (Alhambra, 2nd floor) as well as the work of Aline Henchoz who took as a subject the deserted Golf Resorts in Spain which have become ghost towns after the subprime crisis.
Would you like to travel with me? let’s go to the island of Yakushima through the eyes of the Japanese photographer Yu.

You cannot miss however Leila Alaoui’s exhibition (auditorium Arditi) in collaboration with the FIFDH and her series of portraits of Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

One night and one night only to discover many talents…

Saturday, October 14th from 5pm to 2am 
Free entrance