Orient Meets Occident

Orient Meets Occident

The Alhambra theatre welcomes the “Orient Meets Occident” on December 8th, 2017: a tailor-made show in 3 parts; a bridge between the Orient and the Occident. The Cie 7273 will start the show with a dance called Tarab, followed with a concert by Ziyad Sahhab & his band (oriental fusion). At the end of both performances, you will be entertained by the local DJs Ghetto Fakirs.

The whole project started when Laurence Yadi and Nicolas Cantillon, choreographers of the Cie 7273, met with Rani Jabban, director at the Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd, who is passionate about art and culture.
Over time and synergies, a desire to bring both cultures closer, to support artistic creation and finally to forge a link from Geneva to the east, became a reality.

Tarab means in Arabic “aesthetic emotion” resulting from a communion between spectator and artist. A feeling of well-being that comes from a song, a dance, in short, an artistic expression. And when I asked Rani: why such an event? He replied: “I want to share this ephemeral happiness that only the living arts can provide; because I want to promote this Orient, its modern culture and arts while assuming the richness of its traditions.”
The Cie 7273 was founded in 2003; its research is inspired by the specific Arabic music system of Maqâm. Ten years later, Tarab was born. You will “find in these endless spiral movements a nourishment both appeasing and staggering” (Bertrand Tappolet).

The evening will continue as a calligraphic writing: in roundness and beauty.

May I introduce you to Ziyad Sahhab – worldwide known oudiste – and its musicians. This is the first time that the artist & his band will perform in Switzerland. He sometimes sings Sufi texts of great poets such as Ibn al Farid or El Hallaj but has multiple influences such as Miles Davis, Leonard Cohen, flamenco, Latin music, rock. He held his first oud at the age of 5, since then it is a long love story. Ziyad through his music asks many existential questions but he leaves his audience to answer them.

The third part of the show will take place on a flying carpet of staggered vinyls, thanks to the locals Ghetto Fakirs and their oriental grooves DJ set.

From his light,
the niche of my essence enlightened me;
by means of me,
my nights blazed morning bright.
Ibn al Farid from the Poem of the Sufi Way. 

PS: Orient Meets Occident is supported by the Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd and the proceeds will be donated to the Terre des Hommes association.

Friday, December 8th @ 8pm 
Alhambra, Rue de la Rôtisserie 10, 1204 Geneva
Price: 35CHF (full price)
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