Renegade – Improv Comedy Show

When was the last time you had a good laugh?…
It was in the middle of the week after work when I found myself counting the days before the weekend. I suddenly bumped into a friend who had come to my local Pub for an improve show that I was unaware of.
Being totally clueless of what was going on, I decided to go and take a sneak-peak. I asked the lady at the ticket booth what the show was all about.  She looks at me and gives me her biggest smile. Her reply— we’re here to make you laugh for 1 hour and ½, Non-stop. So I thought why not? I have nothing to lose, except for an entrance fee of 10 CHF (and that includes a free drink).
So here it goes, for those who have not yet been to one, let me tell you about it.  An improve show is a form of live theater where you’ve got the actors who improvise the show, from amateurs to professionals. In this particular event, the Renegade Saints had 5 actors in which one of them was the MC.  The MC provides the public with a situation and lets the public scream out their ideas. He chooses the most interesting themes and voila! The show begins! During the second half, the audience is able to immerse themselves in the skit. The performers provide a scenario and expect the audience to add key functionalities of the characters. From this point on, laughter is uncontainable.
The next event takes place on the 12 of February. Doors open at 7.30pm at Mr. Pickwicks Pub Geneva. The Show is all in English, but no need to be fluent to understand the show. If you’ve had a long week, if you’ve had a bad day, if you need to unwind or simply drink a beer take a chance and don’t think twice. Come and have fun and do something nice.

Thursday, February 12th @ 8pm, doors open @ 7.30pm
Pickwick Pub, rue de Lausanne 80, 1202 Geneva

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