Our beloved city has recently seen the opening of a quirky place. Let’s head to Plainpalais, shall we? A few steps away from the University of Geneva, a new concept was launched in September called “Toasted”.

The setting is industrial where vintage furniture perfectly match the decrepit walls. It’s the kind of place where one would expect to see an artist painting in the back of the room, sitting on a formica chair. I sat down in a decor inspired by the 60s to taste its speciality: the tartine (i.e. the toast).
As the name suggests, the star here is a generous toast – warm or lukewarm – served on an aluminum tray. During lunch time, you can enjoy different menus such as toast with salad or a gratin dauphinois with a Silivri yogurt (our best friend when we were kids). The menus are generous and will fill any Big stomach. Although the choice of menus is limited, vegetarians, meat lovers or gluten-free diets will certainly find something to eat; a gluten-free bread with quinoa can be ordered for an extra 2CHF. As far as I was concerned, I opted for the Avocado Lacustre made of slices of avocado, spicy pepper, mayonnaise, citruses, roasted hazelnuts with passion fruit and Szechuan pepper dressing. Normally, this toast is served with crayfish but I asked if it was possible to remove the crayfish and that did not cause any problems. Despite the absence of the crayfish, the flavours were harmonious with different textures. My friend on the other hand ordered the daily menu, that was more tasty: a toast with shredded chicken in a creamy white wine and rosemary, garnished with slices of carrots and diced tomatoes. The daily was generous and gourmet. From the first bite, one can feel the freshness and quality of the products. The “Toasted” concept will definitely appeal to both bankers and students, Big up!

Boulevard du Pont-d’Arve 44, 1205 Geneva
Mon 11.45am-2pm, Tue 11.45am-2pm & 5.30pm-midnight; Wed 11.45am-2pm & 5.30pm-1am; Thu & Fri 11.45am-2pm & 5.30pm-2am; Sat 8pm-2am
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By MBG — 22 Jun '18

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