Soulitude Urban Expressions

It’s not really a festival, it’s a series of “expressions” according to Soulitude which will be held in Geneva between the 6th and 9th of October. At first sight, it sounds somewhat like a soul and funk version of Les Athénéennes.The association which has founded these events speaks in these terms: “Soulitude is not a music festival, it is an artistic journey, an intimate and intense communion with some of our heroes and legends.”
And among our heroes and legends, there will be… Nik West.

Nik West, for those who don’t know her yet (HOW COME????), is like a female version of Lenny Kravitz (according to Dave Stewart). Born in Phoenix, Arizona, her father was an accomplished guitarist who taught her how to play the guitar at the age of 13! Her first band was a family one: her sisters (keys, drums, violin and guitar) and an older brother. However, she truly realized her calling when she heard Michael Jackson’s “You Wanna Be Starting Something”. Over the years, Nik has become a “holy funkadelic” bass player and was one of the first artists to play on the 6-string Fender guitar. On stage, she accompanied heroes such as John Mayer, Marcus Miller, Dave Steward… until the day in 2012, when she received a phone call from… Prince. The day after he called her, she had to learn 4 songs he had sent her as well as catch a plane to go to Minneapolis. Prince told her: ““Nik if you weren’t great and amazing at what you do, you would NOT be here”. So if Prince said that…

Alongside this great and amazing artist, Stretch & Bobbito from NYC will perform the “second expression”. During the 90s, they had a radio show where they cast Nas, Wu-Tang, Jay Z, Eminem and the Fugees before anyone else. It was a time where the radio changed lives. Back to our homeland with DJ Chief (expression no3) followed by an unplugged concert of the soul legend named Omar Lye-Fook. The last “expression” will be performed by the photographer Janette Beckman. Early in her career, she shot the Clash, Boy George and 3 album covers of Police before moving to NYC where she was drawn into the hip-hop underground scene. She then photographed Run DMC, Salt’n’Pepa (let’s talk about sex baby….), Grandmaster Flash, etc. That’s what I call a Big finale, right? She will present exclusively and as a premier a series Mash-Up just for us.

From October 6th until the 9th
Price: from 11.25.- to 175.25.- (for a festival pass which will allow you to attend all the events)
“Bass Space” Nik West, Thursday, October 6th @ 9pm: 50.-
“A night with Radio Pioneers” Stretch / Bobbito, Friday, October 7th @ 8pm: 40.-
“The European Heat” Omar Lye-Fook et Chief, Saturday, October 8th: 60.-
“Resistance Culture” Janette Beckman Sunday, October 9th from 4pm: 35.-
Book online 

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