We waited for months for Susuru, the new ramen bar in town, to open. What a delight for the genevois! Since the opening, the ramen bar located on rue du Stand is always full. And it’s full for a good reason: the exquisite Japanese noddles served in a broth, that has cooked for hours. The noddles are made on spot using a machine that is directly imported from Japan. The flour comes from Switzerland but obviously meets the Japanese requirements. Most of the ingredients come from local producers such as pork, which the ramen bar buys in Jussy (Geneva). Two broths are meat-based (shio and shoyu), one broth is vegetarian and a daily broth is prepared by the chef.
The basic ramen is garnished with a marinated and firm egg, slices of melting cheshu (pork belly), menma (bamboo shoots) and duck. The vegetarian version replaces the meat with root vegetables and oyster mushrooms. I was able to taste the shio and the shoyu ramen. The first one is lighter in taste, while the second one is more pronounced and a little spicy. The broth doesn’t follow exactly the Japanese authentic tradition. However, it brings a touch of novelty and originality to the typical ramen typical. Both bowls of ramen were really delicious.
To accompany your noodles, I suggest you try karaage (fried chicken from Satigny). Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. A touch of lemon and it’s a treat! You may also enjoy the usual gyoza (grilled ravioli) or edamame.

Slurp your ramen noodles as you eat them—and make some noise (susuru); that’s the right way!

Photography © Le Petit Chou
Rue du stand 35, 1204 Geneva
Tue to Sat 12-2pm & 7-10.30pm 
+41224368835 (no reservation)
Prix: $$

By MBG — 22 Jun '18

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