Taquería Los Cuñados

Taquería Los Cuñados

The new year has begun… it’s hard to get back on track. Christmas in Mexico was a dream come true. Playa, Mayan ruins, good mood, tacos and sonrisas, I felt a little bit like a fish out of water when I came back to Geneva. Never mind, I intend to keep my sunny face and my good mood!
A friend of mine suggested me to try this new taquería in the district of Eaux-Vives. He was not wrong at all. Here, everything is about Mexico: the colours and the good food. As for the atmosphere, it takes me down to memory lane and Mexican wonders. Luchadors, skulls and candles stand next to religious icons. Los Cuñados decorated the place with ethnic and authentic design, well done!
Lucky me, the menu is Big and colourful. If I were to listen to myself, I’d order everything. Next thing I know, I go for the tacos pibil. Once my order is taken, with a cerveza, I immediately enjoy traditional chips dipped in guacamole that only lovers of Mexico know how to make. On each table, terracotta plates are displayed while you can smell the good food cooking. The products are fresh and tasty, the salsas and tacos are homemade with plenty of flavours. A pure delight. Tic tac, the clock is ticking. It’s time to wake up and go back to work.

La cuanta por favor! Thank you Los Cuñados and see you again soon!

Rue de Montchoisy 17, 1207 Geneva
Tue to Sat 12am-2.15pm, 7-10.15pm 
Budget $
By MBG — 22 Jun '18

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