Who are we?

Founded in 2012, My Big Geneva is a city guide and a blog but not any kind of blog: we like to creatively guide you through our city, introduce you to people who inspire us, help you find the inventive restaurants, hidden treasures and secret boutiques of Geneva / Switzerland, guide you when you are looking for something Big outside our city…
In short, we always help you see the Big picture.

My Big Geneva is also the media partner of the Ville de Genève (the city of Geneva), the Electron Festival, the Antigel Festival, ArtCarouge Association, Les Athénéennes, Geneva International Film Festival, the Théâtre de l’Orangerie and iGersGeneva.

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Rue de Carouge 95, 1205 Geneva – Switzerland

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Emilie Salvaridis, My Big Geneva

Emilie Salvaridis

Founder & Editor in chief

Jason Salvaridis

Guardian angel


Founder of tsimenis.com, he’s fluent in html5, jQuery, css3 and loves WordPress as much as a good espresso.

George Tsimenis

Web Genius

Lan Belic, graphic designer, My Big Geneva

Product designer from Slovenia, living in Amsterdam. Likes to solve problems through design and provides useful and enjoyable experiences for web, mobile and beyond.

Lan Belic

Graphic Designer

Partner at Branded Sàrl, he looks closely at our financial management.

Xavier Hafner

Financial Advisor

Content Creators

Communication director at a NGO, photography is one of her passion.

Carla Cavanna

Co-founder of the luxurious brand Clodine, fashion is according to her a matter of know-how and creativity
Food blogger & founder of Le Petit Chou blog.
He listens to Selda (at the moment) and decorated his place with a hammock. His area of expertise includes fashion design, photography, video making but he truly reveals himself through words.
Communications manager at the DiDé Foundation, photographer, graphic designer, poet, iGersGeneva official maniGer and amateur of Butô.

Nathalie Mastail-Hirosawa

Born in Geneva but with Valais origins, he plays (the guitar), travels (very far away), sings (his own lyrics) and collects the secrets of our city. In short, he’s our local expert.