2880 minutes… no more

If by any chance, you don’t know what to do on the week-end of the 30th of October until November the 1st, please be aware that the Geneva International Film Festival Tous Ecrans is organising for the 7th time in a row an event called: 48 Hour Film Project. This is an opportunity to give everything you’ve got during 2 consecutive days to make a movie – write, shoot and edit. To make sure the competition is fair, three required elements must be included in your film: a required line, character and prop. The cinematographic genre will be randomly selected from a Big hat. Step into the ring and show your latent for those of you who are already movie makers but it can also be a challenge for those of you who are amateurs as the winners will see their short movie screened at the Arditi hall. Beautiful reward, isn’t it?

Neal Hartman continues to manage this project and has even decided to launch a Lausanne edition in the village of Ecublens. You might want to check it out just to get an idea before you discover the Geneva edition.

Screenings will be held from November 9th until the 11th anyhow while we’re all waiting for Kino Kabaret early 2016.

Photography © cmarcelloni©humanpowerthefilm
7th edition

Date: October 30th (Friday)
Date: November 1st (Sunday)
Time: before 7.30pm
Premiere Screenings: 
November 9th – 11th

Subscription fee: 150.-

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