5 summer beers to taste

5 summer beers to taste

1) The bitter “Rivale” from the Trois Dames brewery
Slightly sugary, this enchanting craft beer is brewed in Sainte-Croix; enjoy it between two sips of smoked whisky.
You can taste it on the terrace of the Bar du Nord (Rue Ancienne in Carouge) at sunset.

2) The Daura
This famous gluten free lager will seduce you with its strong character. The lager is produced by a Catalan brewery called Damm; if you’re looking for new flavour, you will be surprised.
You can taste it on the terrace of the Ferblanterie (rue de l’Ecole de Médecine, Plainpalais) when the weather is bad.

3) The Torpille from the Franches-Montagne brewery
This dark beer produced at high fermentation has a subtle spicy and fruity taste. But the level of alcohol reaches 7.5% which is kind of strong.
You can order it on the terrace of Les Enfants Terribles (which is open until 9pm from Wednesday to Friday).

4) The Pale Ale from the Virage brewery
Here’s a young brewery which is riding high! The beer is produced in Plan-Les-Ouates by young connaisseurs, fellows of mine: it’s fresh, fruity and with lot’s of flavour.
You can order it on the raised terrace of the Petite Reine bar in the afternoon or directly at the brewery (every Thursday from 6 to 8pm).

5) The Pieuse from the Murailles brewery
This white beer is brewed at high fermentation and is not filtered in Meinier. The beer is cloudy yellow and you will appreciate its compact mousse, its little bubbles, its malty taste with citrus fruits flavour and its light bitterness.
You can taste it on the terrace of the Coffee Bookstore Libresse during afterwork times when it’s sunny, while watching people coming back from work or at the bar called Le Traquenard on a Thursday night (I will soon write an article about this bar…)