7 espressos worth tasting in Geneva

Here is a Big selection of the best espressos that the city currently offers. Between Coffee Shops and Italian Tavola, whether you are in the district of Plainpalais or Nations, you’ll meet your coffee mate. To discover or rediscover:

1. Boreal Coffee Shop
The House Blend is a perfectly balanced blend of Brazilian and Peruvian Arabicas, with hints of nuts and served all year round at the Café in rue du Stand, while an enticing alternative is always available. The grains are carefully selected and impeccably roasted.

2. Birdie Food & Coffee
The owners are coffee aficionados and you’ll discover a delicious selection of roasted beans. This is the ideal place to ensure a balanced cup of coffee  with a tip of acidity served with impressive precision.

3. Luma Coffee
The passion of coffee in a cup. Try the finesse of the Honduras Marcala with its flavour of citrus and the richness of Jurutungo and its exotic flavors to compare the difference between the grains. Do not hesitate to ask for advice from the dedicated Barista.

4. Le Fix Bar à Café
Mixed Arabicas from Central or South America and Africa, roasted by Moko in the Valais region and served by a friendly team. Subtly bitter at the end with a pleasantly proportioned body, it drapes a beautiful tiger coat. You may also enjoy your coffee on Sunday at the Plainpalais market!

5. Mafalda Tavola Calda
The counter is the perfect place to quickly sip an authentic Italian espresso prepared by the friendly Damiano and his family. The mixture is traditional to start your day right; the coffee is served with a beautiful hazelnut-colored crema.

6. Mizzica
The Italian espresso by excellence: a slightly bitter and full-bodied mixture of Arabicas and Robustas for a good dose of caffeine. The dark crema that covers the cup is sublime and unctuous.

7. Paradiso
The Honduras Arabica coffee is impeccably served at this café; it is roasted in Zurich by Miro. The right amount of acidity allows the fruity flavour to reveal itself.

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