5 terraces to Light the Fire

Here’s our selection of local terraces to light the fire & French Kiss. Spread the love! 

Café Zinette, unique

In 1945 Marie-Louise Detholiaz—a.k.a. mademoiselle Zinette—transformed the bakery-café on the corner of avenue Eugène Lance into what has become an unparalleled restaurant with a beautiful terrace.

Café Zinette since 1945


Izumi, near the clouds

On the seventh floor of the luxurious Hôtel des Bergues, Izumi offers one of the best panoramic views in Geneva. You can see the harbour, the Jet d’Eau and the Alps while admiring your date. An idyllic setting mirroring an equally fascinating menu created by chef Mitsuru Tsukada. A Japanese journey tinged with Peruvian flavours: grilled octopus with celery and gorgonzola puree with smoked chilli sauce. This may be worth many French Kisses.

Izumi, Quai des Bergues 33, 1201 Geneva


Café de Peney, in the middle of the vineyards

In 1961, M. Edmond Martin discovered a treasure in Peney: more than 3’000 old pieces of bronze, buried in gravel pits, some dating from the Romain Empire. Another treasure is the café de Peney dating back 1900.

Café de Peney, 130, route d’Aire-la-Ville, 1242 Satigny


Le Floris, over the waves

How about toasting in front of Lake Geneva and show your feelings to your other half? Head to the elegant and spacious terrace of the restaurant Le Floris! Its 180° view of Lake Geneva is the prelude to an equally grandiose culinary moment. Imagined by the Meilleur Ouvrier de France Claude Legras, the menu modernises the classics of French gastronomy. Special mention to the pike soufflé and its coriander spelled. If you are a vegetarian, may we suggest the zucchini stuffed with chanterelles and Marsala potatoes. To die for. 

Le Floris, 287 route d’Hermance, 1247 Anières


Perch fillets, Lake view

A romantic stroll by the lake is bound to whet the appetite. This is good because, in the hollow of Genthod, you can eat succulent fillets of perch and other fish from Lake Geneva, on a Big terrace. 7 days a week!

Restaurant Creux-de-Genthod, route du Creux-de-Genthod 29, 1294 Genthod

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