7 spots to rediscover

We tend to forget places that have always been there and we usually prefer discovering young and new fashionable spots. And of course, within My Big, we keep looking around to present them to you. But why abandon old places that existed before we were born?

Here are 7 timeless spots that decorate Geneva’s landscape for so many years. Discover or rediscover: 

1. The Café Glacier Remor opened in 1921 by Peppino Remor under the name of the Salon des Glaces Américaines. He bequeathed his business to his brother Giorgio ten years later and changed the name after anti-USA public demonstrations. The vintage decor welcomes students, businessmen or artists, around a coffee or an ice cream.

2. Chez Quartier is a gourmet paradise. The tea room opened thirty years ago. The atmosphere is warm and once you step in, it feels like a delicatessen where delights will be served on a plate.

3. The Bar du Nord can boast the largest selection of whiskey in the country for 40 years. Its Sixties decor and specialised music make it the best bar in the Sardinian city.

4. La Bretelle the emblematic bar of the Saint-Gervais district, first opened in 1979. Despite the yuppify neighbourhood, this unique place is known for its musical evenings and is now managed by the friendly association “Les Amis de La Bretelle”.

5. One of the Remor brothers opened the Café-Bar La Clémence in 1942 and prides itself on having welcomed Jean-Paul Sartre and many other personalities. The place is wonderful when the snowflakes line the floor of the old city.

6. The admirable Café Restaurant du parc des Bastions was formerly a bandstand turned into a bar in 1985. The glass walls were built 10 years ago to unveil the secrets of the park during bad weather.

7. The construction of the Café du Soleil in Petit-Saconnex is approximately 400 years old. Indeed, the establishment was built before the temple just opposite. Known to serve the best fondues of Geneva since a good number of years, it will welcome you in a rustic atmosphere inside and totally unique outside.

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