A Virtual Travel Guide

Due to travel being put on pause with the airports having shut down, the dream of next going on vacation can seem far off in the future. Since Hotels have temporarily closed, we’re not at liberty to explore within our borders the Best Places to Stay in Switzerland neither. The MBG team, like many of you, miss traveling to B&B Hotels in France for a weekend getaway; or working from Athens allowing us to explore the Best Places to Stay in Greece. Hence why we’ve found the top Virtual Tours to transport you from the comfort of your couch to foreign places! Why not dive into virtual voyeurism whilst we find ourselves confined to our homes; it’s not like we’ve got many other places to go? 

In Switzerland…

Let’s bring a bit of Switzerland to your home with MySwitzerland Virtual Tours: breathtaking mountain landscapes, glittering lakes and picturesque cultural sites. If you like driving, you can take a virtual road trip of the Grand Tour of Switzerland and discover the most beautiful parts of Switzerland. You may do the same by train with the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland

Onto Europe… 

With us not knowing whether we’ll have the luxury to travel this summer, why not take the chance to visit Greece from Home? They offer you the chance to watch, visit and learn about Greece and all the wonders it has to offer. If anything, it will culturally enrich your life and perhaps inspire your new dream destinations in Greece. And if you’ve never had the chance to visit the ancient city of Pompei, you can virtually pass through the historic ruins on Google Maps street view. 

Across the Atlantic Ocean

If you’re wanting to virtually travel across the Atlantic ocean to the U.S, then you should head over to Yellowstone National Park. The park has organized virtual tours of their main attractions in the park, due to its recent closure. If you’re dreaming of visiting Yellowstone post Covid-19, we strongly suggest you use this website for planning your trip, as they offer all the needed information on their various attractions. 

Ellis Island with its picturesque outlook on NYC’s skyline and the Statue of Liberty is another location in the U.S you can virtually visit. They’re offering a guided 30-min virtual tour of the highlights of the Island. A little further down the East coast, the Boston Children’s Museum is also offering an online tour of their museum! A great and intellectual way of entertaining your kids!

Out of this World…

Explore the Surface of Mars allows you to investigate and learn more about Mars from a 360 degree perspective. It’s a fun and educational tool that teaches about the research done about Mars and space-travel by NASA.

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