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The mission of My Big Geneva is to deliver quality and reliable tips to its subscribers and followers. To do so, we undertake collaboration and partnerships with artists, brands and concepts that share the same values.
Provide inspiring ideas and out-of-the-beaten-path tips.
Transparency, open-mindedness and creativity
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The Story

The blog of My Big Geneva was founded in 2012 by Emilie Salvaridis because she was bored in Geneva. Via a newsletter, she sent on a monthly basis inspiring ideas to break the daily routine.

In 2020, Georgia Van Gemerden and Emilie met through the career services of Webster University, where they both studied (only Georgia graduated 15 years later than Emilie!!!) Born and raised in Geneva, Georgia is the co-founder of GET Food, where she and two of her best friends make sure you GET the FOOD you deserve, “one recommendation and recipe at the time”.

Over 35 guest bloggers and journalists have contributed to providing quality and out-of-the-beaten path tips. Our newsletter is sent to 7’000 subscribers and our community has over 25’000 followers.

Last but not least, My Big Geneva supports artists and helps them spread the word.



Mozaik has created a new breed of agency, a living organism with one solid culture, built to produce digital and physical stories that brands and clients can share with their customers and people can adopt to improve all aspects of life.

Mozaik’s talents use strategic data and meaningful insights to enlighten the creative process and technical realization.

They trust us
Orient Meets Occident by Arab Bank Switzerland
Grand Théâtre de Genève
Elle Suisse
H&M Home
MBG Team
Emilie Salvaridis

Graduated from Université de Genève & Webster University

Expertise: communication, copywriting, project management & events

Speaks fluently English, French & Greek

Fun fact: she plays the piano with her eyes closed

Constantin Pilavios
Artistic Director

Graduated from Brockwood Park School England & New York College Athens

Expertise: film making, advertising

Fun fact: he is trying to cook the perfect Burger for 3 years & he’s still not satisfied

MBG Partners
Infomaniak SA
Get Food
Hellenic Sailing
Festival Les Athénéennes
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