My Big Geneva is...
... a blog which delivers EXTRA-ordinary ideas.
Our mission is to send you inspiring ideas to break the daily routine.
Our vision is to try to make a difference.
Our values are creativity, quality, integrity & internationality.
No copy paste
Everything is tailor-made
Things to do
& Places to go
Reliable tips
& No politics
Since 2012...

Launched on September 13th, 2012 in Geneva, My Big Geneva delivers ideas str8 to your mailbox, to break the daily routine.

Through a newsletter, My Big Geneva also makes a selection of places to go, things to do, & lifestyle tips, to be enjoyed from time to time, without any fake news.

MBG is independent & always pays its bills, whether at the restaurant, theatre or during its big trips. 

When you subscribe to the MBG newsletter, your email is safely stored in Switzerland.
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Behind MBG, there is...
Emilie Salvaridis, My Big Geneva

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“I founded MBG to create
a difference”.

Margaret, My Big Geneva
Content creator

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Her sense for detail equals her
search for beauty.

My Big Geneva

Many guests were invited to write for MBG
including Amanda, Jaira, Molly, Hector,
Idaho & George.

Panagiotis Salvaridis, My Big Geneva

Without him, MBG wouldn’t exist.

Jason Salvaridis, My Big Geneva
Guardian Angel

The way he lived is a daily

A BIG thank you to
Sahand & Sepand
Think Big
1 – EXTRA-ordinary
My Big Geneva writes about EXTRA-ordinary people, places, and things to do.
2 – Free of charge
Subscribing to My Big Geneva newsletter doesn’t cost a penny.
3 – Curious
Just like George (what? You don't know who is Curious George?)
4 – Open-minded
But not so open that our brains fall out.
5 – No spam whatsoever
My Big Geneva keeps your email address like a secret; moreover, My Big Geneva doesn’t harass your inbox, nor the feed of your social networks.