Adele Dejak

Originally from Nigeria, Adele Dejak spent her childhood surrounded by the cultural richness of her homeland before moving to the UK to further her studies. This design education was the foundation of her creativity, but it was in Kenya that her true talent for jewelry design emerged.


African Craftsmanship vs. Contemporary Aesthetics

Adele Dejak‘s creations are a declaration of identity and culture. Using local materials such as brass, horn, and recycled beads, each piece is handmade by highly skilled Kenyan artisans. Her jewelry, with its bold lines and rich textures, captures the essence of African beauty.

Resilience & Female Empowerment

She draws from visual heritage and traditional motifs to create designs that resonate globally. Her wearable art pieces are a tribute to resilience and female empowerment. Each creation tells a story, blending past and present, and establishes a deep connection between the wearer and the artisan who crafted it.

Committed Entrepreneur

But Adele Dejak does more than create. She is also a committed entrepreneur, working for the empowerment of women and the development of local communities. Through her brand, she supports social and economic initiatives aimed at improving the living conditions of artisans.


Ultimately, Adele Dejak’s journey demonstrates that creativity, when fueled by passion and respect for traditions, can transcend borders and transform lives.