Alyâa Kamel artiste, My Big Geneva

Alyâa Kamel in plural brings light when everything darkens whether it is through her Art with a Big A, her poetry, or her drawings.



Lately, Alyâa Kamel has painted fields of flowers to allow us to escape from reality.
In my opinion, her next exhibition is around the corner, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you want to meet the artist in person, join her on June 2nd at the Letu bookstore from 6 p.m. for painted stories, a dialogue between a storyteller and a painter.
Tales to open your soul; colors and shapes to make you feel good, and an unforgettable evening in the old town, which as if by magic, is finally rejuvenated.



In her podcast “Parler Pour Parler“, the voice of Alyâa Kamel doesn’t tell us what to do, nor does she try to sell us anything. She is beautiful; beautiful like the sun, the sea, and the sky.
Without pride, she speaks to us like a true friend and makes us dream.

Early in the morning or just before bedtime, her voice gives us the strength to overcome the obstacles in our lives and keep the nightmares away.




Little Alyâa has lived in Geneva for a long time.
Every day, she shares her thoughts on Instagram with humor and self-mockery.

If you want a piece of Little Alyâa at home or in your office to brighten your day, all you have to do is contact her directly through PM and order.