Antigel presents Glen Hansard

The Antigel festival, 8th edition, has invited the frontman of The Frames. The warm-hearted, charismatic and impressive Glen Hansard.

The songwriter, singer and guitar player will present in Geneva his 3rd solo album called “Between Two Shores” which will be released in January. Something we can look forward to celebrating as Glen is an open-hearted musician. His music speaks of the truth; his sadness is written on paper; his hopes are shouted in the sky and his desires whispered in the ear. His voice, as clear as the morning sun, has travelled many lands and crossed many oceans. Even though he’s 45, he sings with as much flair as when he was 20 and his grizzled beard suits him perfectly. His stage performance as well as the way he composes lyrics has refined and hardened over the years. Like a good bottle of wine, he ages beautifully.

After several years playing in the streets of Dublin, where he undeniably shaped his style, the young Irishman formed his first band at 20 years old. He called his band The Frames and performed everywhere in the world. 15 years go by when his former bassist who became a movie director, contacted him, to play a street artist in his next movie. Once, a low budget movie, conquered the Sundance Film Festival in 2007 thanks to its music and authenticity. The movie revealed the artist and his career across borders.

After his first solo album, he released an EP with a cover of Bruce Springsteen which is very moving: Drive All Night allowed him to perform on stage with the Boss. That performance will remain for over in the heart of the humble Dubliner. In 2015, he released a wonderful second solo album called Didn’t He Ramble. Emotional and passionate gust where he let himself be carrier away.

May I kindly invite you on Saturday, February 17th at the magnificent musical temple of the Alhambra theatre. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Alhambra Theatre, rue de la Rôtisserie 10, 1204 Geneva
Saturday, February 3rd, doors open @ 7pm
Full fare: 35CHF
Book your ticket online

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