Antique Shop

Marie-Christine Catala, between canvas and satin…
Located at the Boulevard Georges-Favon number 19 for over 36 years, a passionate antique dealer reveals the vestiges of the past. Her coquette antique shop warms the heart of any visitor. The designer of this small world is called Marie-Christine Catala. She’s a picturesque woman and a social butterfly; she’s also an erudite collector, a retailer of poetry. Even when she explains to me how she hunts the treasures of her store, she speaks like a true poet:
Every object speaks to me, more or less with a strong voice, more or less sometimes discreetly. I may forget them but then they appear again in my memory. I love them all. I do not like to make a choice, nor do I like to compare them. There is no competition. I never despise a 10.- object and I don’t overestimate another object worth 3000.-.”
This antique store shows a unique collection of curiosities. it can be compared to a lunar cartography with some designers of the fifties and their vanished empires; you can look for a witch’s mirror or an obsolete silver hair comb yet evoking the elegance of a woman, who, a century ago, used to detach her hair in front of her dressing table like a Renoir painting. To love something old also means to free your imagination, arouse the fascination for each object that you can discover, robbing it’s anonymity only to to give it a second breath. When I ask her opinion about the standardisation of the word “vintage”, Marie-Christine shows how much she cares about something that is not perfect:
“Vintage means something that is used, discoloured, and which doesn’t fit in a perfect box. I like the fragility of things and the idea of keeping something that is broken. It is probably related to my own frailty. I am who I am, I don’t try to bluff…”

Boulevard Georges-Favon 19, 1204 Geneva
Tue to Fri 2.30-630pm 

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