Ariana’s Persian Kitchen

Stepping into this charming eatery in the heart of Dubai, you are greeted with a warm ambiance that mirrors the richness of Persian culture.


The menu at Ariana’s is a celebration of traditional Persian cuisine, boasting an array of aromatic dishes crafted with precision and passion. From succulent kebabs infused with fragrant spices to aromatic stews brimming with layers of flavors, each dish tells a story of culinary mastery.

What sets Ariana’s apart is not just its delectable fare but also its commitment to authenticity. The use of premium ingredients and time-honored recipes ensures that every bite encapsulates the essence of Persian gastronomy.

The restaurant’s inviting atmosphere coupled with impeccable service makes it an ideal destination for both intimate gatherings and larger celebrations. Whether you’re a connoisseur of Persian cuisine or eager to embark on a gastronomic adventure, Ariana’s Persian Kitchen promises a dining experience that lingers in memory long after the meal ends.

For those seeking an exploration of Iran’s culinary heritage right in the heart of Dubai, Ariana’s Persian Kitchen stands as a testament to the beauty and richness of Persian flavors.

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