Art around Lake Geneva

We have put together a selection of art exhibitions worth your time, around Lake Geneva. If you are lazy, worry not, we propose to you 2 online exhibitions at Kunstmatrix & The Louvre Museum.


Calder, Soulages, Vasarely… / Abstractions plurielles (1950-1980)
From March until November 21st 2021
Musée d’Art de Pully

Centered on the plural forms that abstraction took during this period, the exhibition shows the main trends: lyrical and gestural abstraction by Georges Mathieu or Hans Hartung, abstract expressionism by Pierre Soulages or Sam Francis, geometric abstraction by Victor Vasarely or François Morellet, or even minimal painting by Martin Barré, a kinetic sculpture by Jean Tinguely or a monumental mobile by Alexandre Calder. As for the Supports / Surfaces movement, which questions what traditional pictorial really means, it marks both a conclusion to this period of intense experimentation and the beginning of an adventure that continues today.

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From March 21st until October 2021
Château de Prangins

Qui n’a pas entendu parler de FortniteMario Bros. ou Minecraft? Avec plus de 2,7 milliards de joueurs dans le monde et un chiffre d’affaires de presque 160 milliards de dollars, l’industrie du jeu vidéo est devenue plus importante que celle de Hollywood. Avec son exposition temporaire GAMES, le Château de Prangins vous présente l’histoire des jeux vidéo depuis leur début dans les années 70 jusqu’à nos jours.

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Musée du Louvre

Through 6 masterpieces, The Louvre museum pays tribute to amazing women who challenged the status quo as artists, historical figures, or icons. 40 other masterpieces are now available online.

Immersions – Une exposition sur l’eau
March 19th until October 31st 2021 
Association Les Berges de Vessy

An intimate dive into the aquatic universe with multiple forms, multiple facets, multiple challenges, a source of inspiration and the basis of all life, a reason for conflicts, or a solution for a different Tomorrow? Elusive, it flows wildly through the themes of our time, sculpts our landscapes, draws our borders, and dictates our policies.

Sport X Manga
March until November 21st 2021
Musée Olympique de Lausanne
Freen entrance

The Sport X Manga exhibition is produced in collaboration with the Angoulême International Comic Strip Festival. The sports manga, or the supokon, is a perfect tool for understanding the development of sports in post-war Japan. Martial arts, the arrival of Western sports, the 1964 Olympic Games, the values conveyed by sport, this is the rich material covered by this kind of manga.

Soul of Sand by Oksana Taran
Until March 2022

Oksana is an Entrepreneur, a Photographer, an Art Director, and a Yoga Teacher.
Her design skills have major roots in the advertising, video editing, and post-processing industries. She completed many projects for TV on an international level in the past. Oksana’s design muse is also fueled by her passion for photography, with her work being often featured in local publications.
With time Oksana’s skills migrated into UI/UX and interactive design for both web and mobile devices, as that allows her to better see the value her work brings to people and get feedback on it.

Chrysanthèmes, dragons et samouraïs
Until January 9th, 2022
Musée Ariana

Presented for the first time in its entireness, the collection of Japanese ceramics exhibits more than 800 pieces dating from the 17th to the beginning of the 20th century.

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