Little Nemo Art Gallery

If you are wondering where our superheroes hide in Geneva, this is the place. Little Nemo isn’t like any other art gallery: it invites you to revisit your childhood and allows you to dream.
Jacques Bonzon was for a long time a good client of Little Nemo in Turin while working in Geneva in the financial sector. Then one day, he decided to get the franchise of Little Nemo for our city (lucky us). He opened his gallery in August in Carouge and the official opening will take place on September 20th (do save the date!). And since I usually tell you everything, it’s a limited edition serigraphy of the artist Mauro Rosso which caught my attention: Batman walking his dog. And I thought to myself, this is good, this is very good, I bet this place is worth it. And sometimes, that’s all it takes: a simple attraction to an image which represents a different way of thinking. As I walked around the gallery, welcomed by Jacques, I met the grand masters of comic books, including some of their original drawings (Lucky Luck, Gaston Lagaffe, Spiderman, RanXerox, Milo Manara, etc.). Posters, serigraphs, you will find a treasure which fits the size of your wallet. And if you have a big one, you may want to check out an original edition of Tintin from 1969 in 3D.

Before I forget, why Little Nemo? It’s the name of Winsor McCay’s character which ran in The New York Herald from 1905 to 1914. He’s a little boy who falls asleep, starts dreaming of big adventures and each time he wakes up, he falls out of bed.

Rue Saint-Victor 35, 1227 Carouge
Mon 3-7pm; Tue to Sat 10am-7pm

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