Artemis Grympla

In Greek mythology, Artemis is the goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, nature, and vegetation. In real life, she’s a member of the Creator’s Programme of the Young Vic Theatre in London and teaches acting and improv. She works as a director, actor, dramaturg, and writer in Greece and in London.


I met Artemis Grympla in Athens before we managed to spend time together in Geneva. What first struck me is her beauty and her style. Once I got to know her better and the extent of her talents, I thought to myself, she really wears her name perfectly.


A day in Artemis’ life looks like…

Waking up (late most of the time), feeding my lovely dog, Ksaplini, trying to figure out whether I have the time to properly walk him or not (when late, calling my mum, making sure I sound desperate enough so she’d come and help), diving into coffee and checking in on several Whatsapp groups with my friends and colleagues to verify we’ve all survived the night and are ready to start working again, answering a few emails and then off to the rehearsal.

I arrive (late) but Eva (my guardian angel) has ordered more coffee, we work, we laugh, we fight, we cry, we laugh again, we finish the rehearsal, and then back to emails and meetings. If I‘m lucky enough, drink with my friends, call from my dad, – he complains I never see him, I make fun of him for being over dramatic but yet, I dive into guilt, and then back home, finally taking Ksaplini for a proper long walk. 

Holiday version of my life:  wake up much earlier than needed, have coffee, read my book, swim, smile, spend all day with Ksaplini, have an existential crisis about not having a life without work, cook dinner, burn whatever it was cause I always forget to turn it to a simmer, eat it anyway and get back to my book.


Women that inspire you to act

My mother, Katie Mitchell, my girlfriends, Victoria Melody, The Guerrilla Girls.


A book you’d recommend

The Great Chimera by M. Karagatsis, All of C.P. Cavafy’s poems (my personal Holy Bible)


What’s coming next?

Working on some scripts with three lovely people and doing some dramaturgical research with Lila Backless, for our new project “Sacred Vigil”, for now.