Au Gruyère

At the foot of the Pre-Alps, one can find the charming and picturesque medieval town of Gruyères. The town was given its name for its delicious cheese. However, those of you who don’t want to drive 120 km and wish to prepare a real fondue or raclette can head to La Gruyère, located in the district of Plainpalais in Geneva. This creamery was established in 1952; recipes and experience of cheese making as a local craft was passed down from father to son and uncle to nephew. As far as I can remember, George Oberson was always the Big boss but during my last visit, I was introduced to his nephew Fabrice Roy. May I recommend the fondue “moitié-moitié” (gruyère and vacherin from Fribourg): Fabrice or George will explain to you how to make it. You may pre-order your raclette by telephone and it will be sliced ready to take-away upon your arrival. You will also find the famous double-cream with its crunchy meringue, dry sausages, a selection of white wines and other traditional deli.
Trust me, this is the best place to shop for a traditional Swiss menu. The quality is simply impeccable.

Avenue du Mail 3, 1205 Geneva
From October 1st until April: Mon to Fri 8-12am, 3-6.30pm; Sat 8am-5pm 
From May to June: Mon to Fri 8-12am, 3-6.30pm

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