Aubert Jansem Galerie

It all began in November 2016, at 11 rue Saint-Victor. The night had fallen in Carouge, the winter seemed to be darker than usual when suddenly, there was a ray of light, playing with the shadows of an art gallery. I felt immediately drawn to the place; as if I knew, I could find some peace.

In the background, I could see an inner courtyard where an olive tree stood like a king and further at the back, another space for contemplation. The old stones of this eighteenth century Italian house and its industrial floor made a magnificent contrast with the artworks. Echoes of deep colours. That’s when I caught myself imagining the artist, forming an infinite number of squares on his canvas with his hands. I held my breathe at the sight of so much beauty, articulated with harmony. Wu Hao was the artist. People say that he sculpts his paintings while I simply felt immutability.

A few months later, during the spring of 2017, the decor was changed… Hélène Arfi’s animals had invaded the art gallery: a solitary heron, Athena – the owl – made of bronze with brown patina, and an elegant panther. When the summer came, Wu Hao’s artworks were back on the walls; their formats were smaller than his previous exhibition, but I was able to recognise the same power and spontaneity.

I finally decided to enter the Aubert Jansem art gallery during the autumn season. Bae Sejin’s architectural sculptures were spread here and there with the same harmony. The gallery has a U shape, surrounding the famous olive tree and to tell you the truth, I wanted to move in. Serenity.

Lorraine Aubert and Bruno Jansem had a long journey that lead them to 11 rue de Saint-Victor; Decorative Arts of the 20th Century and Design at Tajan, auctions and expertise of paintings, drawings and sculptures of the 20th century. A shared interest in animal art.
Each of my questions, even the most candid ones, were answered in the spirit of sharing ideas and emotions.
The Aubert Jansem art gallery is an unusual place… where minutes can’t be counted anymore.

Photography © Moz-art: Wu Hao, oil on canvas, Aubert Jansem Galerie
Rue Saint-Victor 11, 1227 Carouge
Wed to Fri 12-7pm, Sat 12-6pm & upon appointment 

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