Artistic Craft Days

By MBG — 25 Mar '19

The Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Art (i.e. Artistic Craft Days) in Geneva will be held from April 5th until the 7th, [...]

Ready to STOMP?

By MBG — 06 Feb '19

If you haven’t seen STOMP, go! If you have seen it, take someone who hasn’t and share the pleasure” (Boston [...]

Good “Vibrations”

By MBG — 15 Jan '19

If you’d like to pick up good vibrations, join us on Thursday, January 24th at the Victoria Hall @ 8pm [...]

Geneva Lux Festival

By MBG — 26 Nov '18

To the people of Geneva who are always in a hurry, may we suggest you put your Smartphone in your pocket, [...]