La Semaine du Goût

By MBG — 27 Aug '18

La Semaine du Goût, i.e. The Week of Taste will take place from September 13th until the 23rd in all [...]

Sound & Light show

By MBG — 24 Aug '18

Every 2 year, the Wright Science Colloquia is organised at Geneva’s University. Founded by Dr. H. Dudely Wright in 1984, [...]

Los Tacos

By MBG — 22 Jun '18

Don’t go by appearances. You might be surprised to find a Mexican deli in the middle of a residential street [...]

Audio Club

By MBG — 01 Mar '18

Launched in November 2017, the Audio Club was founded by the owner of the Kraken bar and part of the [...]

A Big secret

By MBG — 13 Feb '18

It’s Friday, 5pm, time to hit the road from Geneva to Saint Gervais-les-Bains. An hour and a few minutes later, [...]

#Delirious Socks

By MBG — 05 Nov '17

My Sock Factory (founded near the Leman lake) met with the LuLúxpo a few months ago. They shared crazy ideas [...]

Catch a Car

By MBG — 22 Oct '17

May we introduce you to Catch a Car, the perfect way to… catch… a…. natural gas vehicle to go from [...]

4 your eyes only…

By MBG — 10 Oct '17

The 23rd edition of the GIFF will take place from November 3rd until the 11th, as you may have heard. [...]