Aux Bonheurs des Yeux

Sandrine has been an optician and a stylist for over 30 years in Geneva. Last December, with her daughter she opened a superb small boutique in Carouge full of different colours, materials and shapes.
At a glance, more than a hundred models (of glasses and sunglasses) are available, among which are some rarities. Eyewear is the apple of Sandrine’s eye; both her parents were opticians and she provides meticulous advices based on her incredible experience. Several pairs of sunglasses caught my eye of course: vinyl glasses (yes, they do exist!), the Australian brand Le Specs for a cat-eye effect, exclusive models from Chloé and ALL the pairs of the designer Edwardson (grandson of Robert Bollé FYI) combining noble materials and vintage spirit.
First price for your beautiful eyes? 38CHF for a pair of sunglasses as Aux Bonheurs des Yeux adapts to any budget. Marie-Diane, Sandrine’s daughter, is on the other hand, in charge of accessories. She will take you off the beaten path with a great sense of aesthetics and creativity. Children are what they are made, right?

A tip for your next visit: keep your eyes peeled!

Rue Ancienne 26, 1227 Carouge
Tue to Fri 10am-12.30 & 2-6.30pm; Sat 10am-5pm 

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