AVNIER Free Shipping with Promo Code STAYSAFE

 Stay Sanitary when Online Shopping

Since we’re all doing our best to stay safe & limit physical contact: it’s wise to know where our online purchases are coming from and how the items are being home-delivered. It has become crucial for retailers to respect the new safety requirements to limit the spread of Covid-19. Online retailers were left to come up with new strategies and (to implement) procedures to sanitarily run their businesses. This is exactly what MBG partner AVNIER have done. The Swiss-French brand co-founded by two friends: Orelsan (French Singer & Director) and Sébastian Strappazzon (Fashion Designer) offer high quality produced Streetwear (clothes). Their production takes place in Portugal & is designed in Switzerland by Strappazzon. During the Covid-19 outbreak, AVNIER’s logistic team (handling shipment orders) has been divided into small teams working different hours. Thereby limiting employee’s physical contact according to the new requirements and enabling their brand to weather the storm that is Covid-19; while keeping both their employees & customers safe. 

Now for an Exclusive Online Shopping Experience… 

AVNIER is a modern brand that lets you delve into sporty and comfy-chic apparel with an urban vibe; a look we believe is currently the trend on social media. Their pieces are dependable and usable as they’ve been designed on the principles of practicality and comfort (while looking sharp). In addition to their look-book, AVNIER is hosting an exclusive online sale of historic pieces from their “archive vault”: offering you a rare shopping experience! As a bonus, you can feel good purchasing AVNIER’s items online as 10% of all proceeds from their website will be donated to the Abbé Pierre foundation (which helps homeless people in France). Giving you the opportunity to shop luxe Streetwear & donate to a charity at the same time. 

The Fashion World is Combatting Covid-19

MBG Partners AVNIER have put in place a free shipping policy with the promo code: #staysafe during the pandemic. On top of donating 10% of their proceeds to help those who need it most urgently, AVNIER doesn’t want consumers paying shipping fees considering Covid-19’s devastating impact on the world economy. Business of Fashion wrote an insightful article on what major Fashion and Cosmetic companies are doing to help society combat this pandemic. It’s interesting to learn what the Fashion Brands you favor are doing to limit the spread of Covid-19.