Café La Petite Reine

The bar La Petite Reine (i.e. the little queen) takes good care of her people and applies the rules of democracy: everyone is welcome in her kingdom and one can witness at her café the diversity of a city like Geneva. The terrace is ideally located where the sun shines all day long. It has become over the years THE place to go if you’re looking for a boho, arty and open-minded venue. Across the train station, our little queen satisfies your thirst by proposing independent beverage producers that anyone can afford and often organises art exhibition, concerts in an old renovated building, decorated with graffitis and second-hand items.
Once the night has fallen, she dresses in blue neons and makes you dance until early in the morning with many DJs entertaining you with good music. It’s a people’s place, to eat a cheap and tasty late breakfast, grab a (home-made) snack or a drink and our city’s festival such as the Electron are crazy about it. For a minute, you might not feel in Geneva….

Place de Montbrillant 1201 Geneva
Mon & Tue 11am-midnight; Wed & Thu 11-1am; Fri 11-2am; Sat 5pm-2am 

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