We met Kevin in 2012 during a My Elite Party event and already, we were quite impressed by his sense of mixology. We then bumped into him a few times at L’Apothicaire Cocktail Club and waited ever since that he opens his own place. On February the 3rd, 2014, that day came when the Barbershop open: welcome to Marc and Kevin’s playground. Above the bar, you will admire their All Stars shoes private collection (washed may we add), next to a Nintendo or a Space-Invader: the 80s my friends, a time we can all recall, a time of fun. While Marc will serve you your lunch, Kevin will prepare your drinks as the evening comes. Delicious club sandwiches will honour your stomach while you may choose between a wide variety of beers and wines. Within a few weeks, the Barbershop became the meeting point of the brotherhood: a terrace will soon allow you to stare at the sun (if he ever comes) and you will make it your own by bringing your own vinyl and play your music (may we ask that you have good taste please) because at the Babershop, Kevin and Marc want you to feel just like at home. And that is the case.

Boulevard Georges-Favon 4, 1204 Geneva
Mon to Wed 11am-midnight; Thu to Sat 11am-2am

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