Bar du Nord for whisky connoisseur

If you are a whisky connoisseur, then you must head to the Bar du Nord, located in the Rue Ancienne in Carouge.

The whisky bar opened back in 1975 and has a selection of over 700 different whiskys so let me get straight to the point: don’t go for a Johnnie Walker (known as the most popular whisky in the world), instead take a leap of faith and follow the advice of the owner (who is the son of the first owner). Follow me on this adventure: years and years of traditional know-how, millesimals, craft production, you will even travel to the island of Hokkaido in Yoichi (where the Nikka whisky is produced) with just one sip. The Bard du Nord also has his own production which I, personally, suggest you also try. And of course, Scotland is everywhere.
Malt whisky, grain whisky, single malt, blended, cask, single, the choice is yours.
Welcome to the eldorado of the distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash in a decor inspired by the Bauhaus with some light jazz music. When the sun comes out, walk to the back of the bar and find a courtyard with a little terrace. The atmosphere is friendly, all you have to do is push through the entrance door…

Illustration JP Kalonji
Rue Ancienne 66, 1227 Carouge
Mon to Fri from 5pm, Sat from 9pm


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