Still in Belgrade

Immediate boarding on the Easyjet flight which in less than 2 hours and starting at 50.- for a round trip will take you to the “Eastern Barcelone” city. Seated in the front row, Wikirani our trip planner who decided to take 21 genevois to Belgrade.

Once I returned to our good old Geneva, I thought about Serbia which could be a pretty hot spot to spend New Year’s Eve so there you go…

Now I know what you’re thinking; my Greek origins speak for themselves as historically, Serbia and Greece have always been Big buddies. On one hand, I must admit that our two countries have a lot in common; they’re both very welcoming and each and every musician I met during my Belgrade getaway could play a Greek song. On the other hand, I didn’t expect to feel completely at home in Belgrade. The whole point, in my humble opinion, is to travel and discover something new.

So my dear traveler, if you’re looking for authenticity and a conformable bed, book a room on the San Art floating boat when you plan to visit Belgrade where Tosha, the cat of San Art, will be there to welcome you. Located between old Belgrade and the new Belgrade, you will be able to dangle your feet in the Danube and might even enjoy a Big terrace if the sun shows up. Those of you who are nostalgic, wear a Big red star and book a room at the “Bristol” Beograd hotel, nothing has changed there since communism. Finally, Dragana whom I am about to introduce to you, recommends a great B&B or a Funky Apartment for rent.

If you have taken my word for it and you are actually planning to visit Belgrade, there is one person you have to meet and that person is Dragana Koštica aka Christine C. She’s the editor in chief of the blog Still in Belgrade and she actually still lives in Belgrade. For 10 euro per person, Dragana will take you on an amazing city tour where you will discover the works of art of street artists, hidden places, vintage or concept stores and incredible restaurants and bars. Guided by this genuine local, I was able to witness the alternative and creative scene of the city; she took me for lunch in a “hidden gem, tucked at the end of Dobracino street” in the district of Lower Dorcol called Radionica before heading next door for some electro coffee at Pržionica (electro coffee means a cup of coffee with electro music).

And if you don’t like meeting new (amazing) people, (stay home) just click anywhere on her blog so you won’t regret your trip. сигурно путовање!

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