All under the same roof

When you actually lift the tip of your nose and look around, you discover many things. And that is the theme of this new exhibition: “All under the same roof” currently being held at the Berges de Vessy. This exhibition was curated by the Association des Berges de Vessy and its local partners, who offer us an overview of the different possibilities to cover our homes in Geneva, Switzerland and elsewhere. 

Until October 31st 2019, visitors – young and not so young anymore – are invited to discover the various constructions that can cap our houses. Shapes, materials, regional features: all shelters are reviewed. With the help of images, drawings and modelling, we also learn more about the evolution of roofs through the years. The ecological awareness that we have been witnessing for a few years has made it possible to imagine ingenious and innovative solutions to give additional functions to our roofs. They can now produce energy, including using solar panels, food with green roofs and vegetable gardens, or store water. On the social side, our roofs can welcome many activities (I am referring to the Lignon pool that allows us to swim while admiring the sky) or also become meeting places with greenways and walks.

To conclude this journey, a giant blackboard and multicolored chalks invite us to imagine and draw our dream home. Set your imagination and talent free by creating your happy house. Who knows, in a few years, it could see the day …

Workshops for schools and conferences are also scheduled during the exhibition. Last but not least? The exhibition is free of charge!

Copyright © Les petits Genevois.
Route de Vessy 49, 1234 Vessy
Tue to Fri 1-5pm; Sat & Sun 10am-5pm 

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