Today, I will tell you about an address unlike any other, because it is about an internet address. Yes! Finally an online store, e-shop, e-commerce, whatever you want to call it! Internet address is a bit like Windows95, that’s for sure. But, quite relevant, and I’m an expert, we are going to talk vintage.

Alison Brabec, a fresh arrival from Paris where she worked for a luxury jeweler, passionate about decoration, has for a long time wanted to venture onto the net by offering a site dedicated to antique furniture and objects. She embarked on a quest to find a web developer by posting, a few months ago, an ad on the CREA school platform. It was Anaïs Wannaz, a graduate of Digital Marketing and Communications, who responded. She is the great grand-daughter of an Armenian antique and rug dealer formerly based in Geneva. Together they created, a symbiosis of the words vintage and design. Be vintage, be design! And there you have the e-commerce, where you can find a string of best-picks. Eames, Belotti, Jieldé, Bellini, etc. Big designers, surrounded by – we don’t do snobbery here – far less elitist articles from all periods and every continent. A real treasure trove, where style, quality and uniqueness dominate. They create a dialogue between the very old and the more contemporary. Every item selected tells a story, and this is a real added value in a society where most furniture is mass produced.

Their process is to approach private individuals, antique dealers and other second-hand merchants, by providing a digital window. A collaboration that brings significant exposure to a neglected profession, a good way to address a craft that is almost extinct. They do not keep stock, but simply act as a cyber-link between overwhelmed traders and eager buyers. As they like to remember, “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. Nerver out of ideas, Alison and Anaïs are planning to expand into interior architecture, as well as a section for wedding lists. For the time being, the site offers 10 new items each week, to go with the seasons. And yes, a sun lounger in the middle of winter, however sixties it may be, is a little naff.
Don’t hesitate to contact them if you have a treasure at home.

Door-to-door deliveries are available