Bikram Yoga

In the middle of summer, Carla calls me up and says: “come on, let’s go do some yoga under 40 degrees”. At first, I thought it was a joke; then I thought she must be surely missing a real summer in Geneva. And then, on a Sunday morning, I ended up walking under the rain to the Bikram Yoga Geneva with her.
After 90 minutes, roughly twenty postures and a couple of breathing exercises later, I feel super hot. My whole body feels liquified, water is dripping  from my hair to my toe, and I am exhausted. My head on the other hand is completely empty. Concentration came naturally: it was so hot that after a few minutes, every single thought (and trust me, I am a multi-thinker like I can think of 20 different things at the very same time) was gone. I disconnected, completely. The day after, none of my muscles ached, even though they worked pretty hard.

Watch out for any scams: Bikram Yoga must be taught by certified teachers and only an official school named after its founder can delivery the certifications. Bikram Choudhury restored his health after a weight-lifting incident and with his guru Bishnu Ghosh created a series of postures in a room heated to 40 degrees. This practice was designed so as to stretch every system in the body, inside out, from bones to the skin and flush the toxins out (a guaranty for a soft skin!). While I am always on the phone, constantly work loaded, Bikram Yoga helps me concentrate and manage stress.
But let’s face it as well, it’s also Big business. In an article published by Forbes in 2009, a portrait of its founder was depicted along with his Rolls-Royces or Bentleys, imposing a franchise system to all the schools using his name. Not so yogi if you ask me. The ancient masters criticise this form of yoga mainly because the training lasts for 9 weeks in order to become a teacher unlike the 4 years needed for a traditional yoga accredited teacher. His practice is copyrighted (not so yogi again!) and I will spare you the sexual harassment rumours.

Nonetheless, I found what I was looking for: a total disconnection, a sport, and an increase in my concentration capabilities that I could to apply to my work! I was also able to develop my inner forces which sometimes I find difficult to find  and finally just the face of my best friend after the 16th posture under 40 degrees was TOTALLY worth it!

Rue de la Ferme 7, 1205 Geneva
Intro offer 90.- (30 days unlimited), 35.- for one class, many other offers

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