Billeon Music Studio

Founded by @alexleonofficial & @djbilliano, #billeonmusic is a music studio based in Athens Riviera.  Released on July 8th, “Far From Everything” is the first collaboration with the singer Kianna. She is also the producer of @number1_radioshow.


How did you meet and how did you decide to work together?


Bill and I (Alex) met under a unique set of circumstances in the capital of olive trees in Greece, the famous region of Kalamata. Since then we became good friends and music partners.

Kianna is an artist we’ve been meaning to collaborate with for some time. Her voice and attitude as an artist felt like a perfect fit for this song. During our first meeting, Kianna was very inspired that we wanted her on this project as she also wanted to do a cover of it sometime in the future.


The future is now, young lady!



“Far From Everything” is the result of your first collaboration if I got it right. Could you tell us more about this debut single?

“Far From Everything” is a hit of the past that Bill and I thought could use a little refreshing remake that carries the clubby-punchy attitude we like to express through our music. After a short brainstorming, we decided to reach out to Kianna.


In your opinion, how does music help us to overcome the obstacles in our life?

Music is a tool that can amplify our existing feelings but can also be a catalyst for drastic change. It is one of the arts that’s always being used to stir up emotions and “set a tone” in every situation. A song like this can definitely push one’s decision-making part of the personality to its limits.

Which artists inspire you?

Bill and I have a vast number of different musical influences ranging from 90’s Pop and Dance music to dance orchestral/theatrical pieces of music. Some of the artists who have inspired us for sure are Desmond, Child, Max Martin, David Guetta, John Williams, Quincy Jones, Daft Punk, Hans Zimmer, and many more.


Last but not least, complete the sentence “Music is….”

… a loaded gun and ammo is intent.