Bio c’ Bon

Launched in France in 2008, Bio c’ Bon is a concept of a local and organic grocery store. You will find all the products you usually find in a traditional supermarket: seasonal fruits and vegetables, cereals, dried fruits, fresh products, fresh bread, cheese, wine and even some sweets!

Bio c’ Bon motto is the following: allow everyone to access organic food, even in a city center. On the website, everything seems perfect. Add to the fact that the Bio c’ Bon grocery stores are growing like mushrooms everywhere in Europe. The one in Geneva, on the rue de Carouge is the 4th store in Switzerland already. But how about once you’re there?

First of all, the space… spacious precisely. Detailed presentation. A discreet service but you’ll always find someone nearby to help if you have a question. Fruits and vegetables are arranged in baskets and taste good as far as I’m concerned. 

My favorite: the nuts “bar” as I like to call it. Tons of nuts, dried fruits, etc. A very easy way to add a little something to my modest cooking. 

PS: Bio c’ Bon also gets rid of your battery fyi…
PS2: … and your old newspapers too.

Route de Carouge 76, 1205 Geneva
Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, & Sat 9am-7pm; Thur 9am-9pm

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