La Mulette

Do you need a haircut by any chance? As s bonus, you can also renew your wardrobe for the coming season. The Szabo Couture’s buck, which is the emblem of the boutique, indicates that you have arrived at the right place. I’ve occasionally bumped into this shop window and felt immediately attracted to it. Though I also felt a bit intimidated as if I was standing in front of treasure chest. I also notice that several hairdressers are working inside and that the high ceilings are covered with knitted lampshades. Each time I pass by, something changes: the choice of clothes on the shop window, the style of customers… As my curiosity was aroused until I finally decided to enter and find out more.
I met Carole the owner of the place who is an independent hairdresser since 20 years. Her adventure began in the Rotisserie Street when she took over the saloon of her mentor. She started collaborating with the beautiful Sandra who is a color cut hairdresser and with many more people who all decided to follow her when she moved to this new place.
Like I said, each hairdresser is independent and that’s precisely how Carole built her orchestra of talents. One can feel a community spirit where people take care of each other and a beautiful alchemy emerges from the space.
The team is the following: Adriano, the barber and an expert for Afro-European cuts. He makes amazing dreadlocks with an admirable sense of patience: imagine 7 hours of work for a full head!
Asoyi is a comb master with impressive dexterity: weaving, wig, braid extensions, bun and wedding hairstyle are his areas of expertise.
Seb is the glamour specialist whether you need a brushing or a special hair care, he will pamper your hair anyway. He’s accompanied by Shana, his lovely dog and he’s the one who convinced me to get a haircut.

Let me take you to the shampoo area with its floral decor designed by Federica Bozzini: while the birds fly in the trees, I am ready for my hair care and feel totally relaxed with such a landscape. With a gentle scalp massage, what better way to start the session?

A couple of scissor cuts afterwards, I am more than happy about my haircut and walk at the back of the shop to meet Elysabeth, the queen of second-hand clothing. The couple of models displayed in the window are just an appetiser. You will find clothing brands and less known designers so that you can stand out in the crowd. And I must confess that I avoid going there too often to avoid such a sweet temptation.

La Mulette

On my last visit, I had originally planned to ask some questions to Carole about her career to finish off this article and I ended with a new haircut. I was taken care of by the hostess and I came out with shorter hair, much more funky and a new dress…

Rue Saint-Léger 18, 1204 Geneva

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