Boutique Etat Brut

Located close to the lively rue de Carouge, near the tram stop “Pont d’Arve”, the boutique Etat Brut is nestled in the heart of the passage Saint-François. 

The name of the boutique sounds like a promise to find authentic and quality products. And this promise is kept by Valerie, the actual owner. Her selection criteria includes know-how, aesthetics, quality materials and provenance. You’ll find bags, scarves, clothes, jewels, small furniture that breathe originality and authenticity mixed with refinement. Among the boutique’s jewellery brands are the designers Ribitsa (from Geneva), Anne’s Jewellery, KM Créations and Naoho BiJoux. Necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings make the shop sparkle with touches of coloured stones and metals. 

Leather goods – urban, chic or bohemian – such as clutches, wallets or handbag, come in different shapes and colours: Austrian design with the brand Ina Kent, coated fabrics with Jack Gomme, Sabrina’s creations and Paul Marius’ vintage leather goods. The selection of clothing follows the same trends: Hartford, MKT Studio or Tinsel for a casual, elegant and comfy look. 

Add to these brands the experience of Valerie to find the piece of clothing that will stick to your skin and you can only leave the boutique with a Big smile. 

Please note that quality doesn’t mean unaffordable, quite the contrary actually. Most items are displayed at a fair and reasonable price so the boutique Etat Brut is the perfect place for a new Spring wardrobe. 

Photography © S. Gros, Boucles créoles (last collection)
Passage Saint-François 4, 1205 Geneva

Mon to Fri 10.30am-6.30pm; Sat 10.30am-6pm 

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