Boutique hôtel Rizes

Perched on high heels and on a penthouse in Florissant, she says to me: “oh, I dream of going to Mykonos” when I tell her that I’ve just returned from a trip to my home country.

Among the 5’000 islands, I still cannot understand why the genevois(es) keep referring to Mykonos when it comes to Greece. I was tempted to raise my voice and answer that she dreams small, but why ruin the evening right from the beginning? I waited till I was back home, grabbed my Mac, and here I am, writing the 3rd episode of the series: “Mykonos and Santorini are not the only islands in Greece”.

After the Villa Kandili (episode 1) in the Sporades islands and Kea (episode 2), comes the Rizes boutique hotel. Built on a small hill on the island of Serifos, the view is panoramic from the picturesque port called Livadi to the village of Chora. Thanassis, the owner, decided to put an end to his journalistic career in 2008 in order to settle down in Serifos. The island wasn’t unknown to him since his wife was born there. He then realized that the 78km2 of the island didn’t offer proper accommodation for demanding travelers outside some B&B. It took 2 years to build 14 apartments and 2 suites (with a private pool) combining purity and contemporary design. The keyword: minimalism.

Rize’s restaurant imports all regional products throughout Greece and adds a little contemporary twist. Red peppers from Florina (northern Greece), gruyere from Crete, cheese and honey from Serifos, grape leaves, beef checks, etc. The chef is unbelievably talented and during my stay, I kept tasting his cooking to a point where the entire menu had been reviewed.

You will be welcomed from the day you arrive at the port of Serifos and where Rizes will come and pick you up, until the day of your departure. There is a Greek word that doesn’t exist in any other language: xenophilia. It means affection for unknown/foreign people. Rizes and his staff are a good example.

PS: unlike Mykonos, the sunbed chairs don’t cost 75€ in Serifos. The beaches are still wild and pure. Sand or pebbles, paradisiacal creeks, don’t worry if you didn’t pack your swimming suit, swimming naked is part of the usual freedom.

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