Breathe, Dan Acher

In a world where the cacophony of daily life often drowns out our inner voices, Dan Acher’s BREATHE emerges as a breath of fresh air, inviting us to reconnect with ourselves and each other. 


Let’s pause

As we step into the world of BREATHE, we are invited to pause and listen—to our own breath, to the breaths of those around us, and to the symphony of life that surrounds us. Dan Acher transforms ordinary spaces into sanctuaries where light and sound dance in harmony, guiding participants through a meditative journey.

The Poetry of Connection

At its core, BREATHE is a poetic exploration of connection—connection to ourselves, to each other, and to the universe. Each participant becomes a vital part of a larger organism, breathing in unison, creating a living, breathing tapestry of human life. In this space, the boundaries between individuals blur, and we are reminded of the invisible threads that bind us all.

Thought for Aristotle

In front of BREATHE, you might think of Aristotle and his remarkable life. A student of Plato and yet the teacher of the conqueror Alexander, he did not envision the city from the perspective of an ideal model. In “Politics,” he writes: “A cause of sedition is also the lack of ethnic community as long as the citizens have not come to breathe with the same breath.”


In the end, BREATHE leaves us with a simple yet profound truth: in every breath, there is life; in every shared breath, there is connection.


BREATHE premieres in Geneva, Switzerland from 16-26 May 2024 at the Plaine de Plainpalais.
Visual © BREATHE, Dan Acher.