Café de Peney

Let’s drive away from Geneva to the charming villages of Satigny and especially Peney, a place which I love to visit when I have something special to celebrate.

In 1961, M. Edmond Martin discovered a treasure in Peney: more than 3’000 old pieces of bronze, buried in gravel pits, some dating from the Romain Empire.

Another treasure is the café de Peney dating back 1900. The Domaine de Châteauvieux established its reputation as a restaurant but kept the charming soul of the place. The place is magical, especially in the early evening, on the lovely terrace.

The service is smiling and impeccable. The sommelier suggests: Domaine de Chafalet “Franc Bec”, a cozy red wine from Geneva.
The food is exquisite. Seasonal menu, only fresh products, beautifully displayed. As a starter, the Swiss beef tartar or the asparagus among other seasonal suggestions. Followed by several choices of meat or fish.

Our worries remained at the doorstep of the Café de Peney, we cheered for a better tomorrow.
Hope suits this place.
Or is it the opposite?

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